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20 Hot Twitch Streamers Who Suck At Games

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If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, than that means all beauty is subjective since everyone has different tastes or opinions on what is beautiful. That said, there are women on this planet that this phrase does not apply to. They are so amazingly attractive that anyone who thinks otherwise, needs to have their vision checked.

Thanks to the internet, many of these women now have a way of sharing their gifts with the rest of us. It began with online images that we could download on floppy disks but has since turned into women streaming their entire daily lives using various social media websites or live streaming video sites like Twitch.

A lot of these beautiful women pretend to be great at gaming but do not spend very much time playing, and when they do, they are horrible at it. In fact, many of these so-called “Gamer Babes” on Twitch are only there to make some money by showing off the goods, and we have 20 of the hottest of them all.



We need to make a confession, DeerNadia is not horrible at video games. In fact, she is easily the best on our list. But her beauty is easily top three, on any list. So we cannot help but including her today. Besides, we are the biggest DeerNadia fans around. Her cosplay game is on point. If you need an example, go check out her Jaina cosplay. If that does not win you over, nothing will. Consider this an honorable mention, because it’s all downhill from here.

19 YUUIE (FOLLOWERS: 234,765)


Originally from Southern California, this West Coast hottie, whose real name is Natalie, has decided to move closer to the rest of the country and now lives in Austin, Texas. Her gaming skills are far worse than DeerNadia but we are still in the upper echelon of hot Twitch users who are bad at gaming.

There is a fine line between good and horrible when it comes to gaming. It is hard to say one way or the other if someone is good or bad if they live in the middle. Let’s settle on mediocre.



It does not take very long to figure out the difference between a true female gamer and someone just pretending to be one in order to rake in a little cash. BlondieWondie is a prime example of playing games for fun just to be classified as a gamer chick.

Unfortunately though, BlondieWondie has never shown us that she is a hardcore gamer, just possibly a casual one using it to up her profit margin. There is nothing wrong with playing the game, we just need to point out the obvious here.



There seems to be a lot of Canadians that make our list and LilChiipmunk is yet another one of the many hotties from Twitch that make our time on the site so much more enjoyable.

According to her Twitch profile, she is half Romanian and half Vietnamese, making her one of the most amazingly beautiful women on the planet. Too bad she is not the best gamer in the world. She can play all she wants, she is no where close to being considered a female gamer based on what we have seen.



As far as cosplay is concerned, Lindsay Elyse is quite possibly the hottest thing on Twitch today, spending her off-screen days hitting up Instagram dressed as just about every cosplay character you can think of.

Her cosplay game is on point. She is hands down the best at it on Twitch today and we dare you to send us another user that can pull off turning Loki into a glorious goddess. Unfortunately, the same praise absolutely cannot be extended towards her gaming abilities.



It does not take a rocket scientist to understand when they see a beautiful Twitch user pretending to be a gamer. One of the main things to look for is outfits. How much skin is she showing? What about cleavage and length of her skirt?

But the real question is placement of the cameras. LegendaryLea has literally placed cameras that pointed at her mid-section or lower, while using a second for her face. She has also been banned for nudity and breaking multiple rules along the way. She “plays” games when she feels like it is time to prove she is a gamer, but she really isn’t.



MelonieMac’s real name is Melonie Mac. She is a gorgeous woman who loves Tomb Raider, and that just might be because she looks like she could be Lara Croft with her big gorgeous eyes and stunning tattoos.

She is dedicated to her Twitch career and has started wearing glasses to really pass her off as a gamer chick. She might play the games and talk a lot about gaming, but she is never going to reach the level of the true female gamers out there with her skills.



Unfortunately for everyone, women that look like Tara Babcock do not spend their time inside dark rooms playing video games. She has no reason to hide behind a gaming controller and escape this world to play a fictional game when she looks how she does.

She can pretend all she wants, we would take her on a gaming challenge any day of the week because we already know the outcome. That said, she has figured out how to turn a profit through gaming and pretending to be a gamer so kudos there we suppose.



If you claim to be all about the gaming side of Twitch, and do not intend to use your beauty to gain a following, then you should probably not show off your cleavage all the time. In fact, even on her Twitch, KneeColeslaw states that she saves the cleavage for the weekend.

But that does not pay very well, does it? This has led to her almost always giving us a stream jam packed with cleavage. But who are we to complain about cleavage from a beautiful woman trying to be a gamer?



At 23 years young, Pink_Sparkles has already given herself a career that pays more money per month than any of us will make in a year simply from streaming on Twitch. She rarely ever plays games anymore and goes out of her way to show off her true assets while sitting on her computer talking to her donors.

So, although the gaming community is never going to accept her as one of their own, Izzy is going to continue making a living using Twitch thanks to her Instagram, which is stocked full of evidence as to why she has nearly a million followers.



The only Twitch user on our list to surpass the million is the lovely 26 year old Canadian that goes by the Twitch username KittyPlays. She has built an empire on Twitch where she barely even goes live anymore besides to bring in some cash money.

She treats her fans like dollar signs and if you aren’t contributing to the cause, which is lining her pockets, then you are invisible to her. Thankfully, she is one of the hottest females on the entire site. Though that doesn’t salvage her virtually non-existent gaming abilities.



As far as Great Britain is concerned, ChloeLock is one of their future young stars on Twitch. Chloe has grown into one of the hottest, and fastest, growing Twitch users on the entire site. If she can find time to play a game or two, though, she will show us that her skill set is far below that of a true female gamer.



Selling yourself is one thing but using your looks to earn a living is normal for Twitch. KristiPlays knows all about selling herself just for a few bucks. She does it all the time on Twitch and at 25 years old, has a lot of money to make sure she continues to grow in popularity.

Kristi tends to play more often than the others on this list, but that is only because she is still growing on the website. Her abilities speak for themselves.



Talent comes in all shapes and sizes. Djarii, better known as Sophia, is not the greatest of gamers but her lack of talent in gaming is far surpassed by her incredible abilities with makeup.

If you care about gaming, great, so do we. But Sophia was once a gamer and is now a business professional trying to make a living doing something she is great at, using makeup to paint her face and body with. Her designs are amazing and if you have the time, you should definitely go check her Instagram page out.



If you ever wanted to see what Mary Jane Watson looked like in real life, then head on over to kaybaycat’s Twitch profile before jumping over to her Instagram and checking out her Spider-Man cosplay images.

The one way to know that you are not dealing with an actual gamer is by the games she plays. Her Twitch is full of Just Play videos where she is wearing very little while jumping up and down, dancing around in her bedroom.



Modeling is a career designed for a specific type of woman. She has to be ambitious, hard-working, and willing to give up everything to become a star. Mhova is a Twitch user second, model first, gamer last. As a model, her growing popularity has pulled her further from playing around on Twitch.

So while Morgan is out taking modeling jobs and living her best life, she is leaving a potential ton of money behind on Twitch. All she has to do is learn how to play one game and maybe we could believe she is an actual gamer.



SSSWolf might sound familiar and that’s because she was better known as SSSniperwolf for a long time. She amassed a large following and became one of the most popular Twitch users around. She used her popularity to grow her entire social media profile across all platforms and was becoming a star before being busted a couple of years ago for cheating.

Lia claimed that she was ranked in the Top 500 in Overwatch until users on Youtube discovered she was letting other players use her account to help her rankings.

3 SORABI_ (FOLLOWERS: 120,566)


Sorabi became famous on Twitch because of a live stream she was doing where she was topless, giving herself a complete body paint makeover. Although you cannot see much through the paint, it did not matter and Twitch banned her immediately.

Besides the body painting, Sorabi is constantly running live streams where she makes sure her backside is showing even going as far as to sit backwards on her chair. Hard to play games when you aren’t facing the screen.



As far as popularity is concerned, CinCinBear has become one of the biggest stars on Twitch with close to 23 million views on her page since joining the website. There is no denying her beauty, she is one of the hottest on the site, but her gaming skills are among the worst we have ever seen.

She might not even play a single game anymore because she is so busy with her modeling schedule. While that’s all fair and good, she should make sure not to call herself a gamer when she is so far from it.



We almost feel as if this will be the first time you’ll read her name, and if so, that is just plain great for you. It is even better for ms_tricky, who only had about 2,000 followers this time last year. She has grown into one of the hottest names on Twitch and it is all thanks to her underrated beauty.

Since we can all agree her video gaming abilities are minimal at best, we can forgive, forget, and just enjoy the show. We are just glad we found her when we did, she might eventually be the biggest name on Twitch.


What did you think about this article, let us know in the comments section below.

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