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Pokemon Go Fest to be Streamed Live on Twitch

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Pokemon Go has come up with an unconventional solution for fans who can’t attend Pokemon Go Fest. The game has announced plans to stream the event live on Twitch, complete with its very own Twitch channel.

At first glance, it might seem a little silly for Pokemon Go to stream the event, considering that the game isn’t all that exciting to watch. However, considering that it’s likely that Pokemon Go is introducing Legendary Pokemon to the game at the event, they probably want to help bring some of the event’s excitement to players who can’t attend.

Several popular Pokemon Go YouTubers are also attending the event as guests of Niantic, and several have mentioned making videos for Pokemon Go Fest that likely will play on the stream.

The Twitch stream could also help players keep track of the event’s Challenge Windows, which requires the participation of Pokemon both at and away from Pokemon Go Fest.

Pokemon caught at Pokemon Go Fest during the challenges windows will be tracked for global in-game bonuses, while Pokemon caught outside of Pokemon Go Fest during the windows will determine how long the bonuses last for all players.

If enough Pokemon are caught during Pokemon Go Fest’s Challenge Windows, a special “mystery challenge” will be unveiled that’s almost definitely the first ever Legendary Pokemon Raid.

You can check out the Twitch stream live here, or just follow WWG on Saturday for all the breaking news out of the event.

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