Team Roster

TwitchMag are made up of some of the best members in the world of streaming and gaming. We have so much talent and are always looking to support content creators.

Yhandor TwitchMag


Hello and welcome to the Yhan Fam! ❤️ To the greatest nation in the world known as Yhanada! Canada pun intended. I currently am full time streaming Marbles on Stream.

TheModernMom TwitchMag


My name is Sierra – I’m a boss babe, a lifelong learner, and a mother of FOUR beautiful baby girls! My goal here is to make you smile; if you have fun then I’ve done my job.

SnowyFPS TwitchMag


I’ve always had a passion for gaming, pretty decent at it. I’m here to capture funny moments with friends, entertain people, hit nutty clips and click heads.

CoopaManTV TwitchMag


My name is Cooper and I’m a partnered Twitch streamer. You can call me Coopa for short. I’m a full-time-ish twitch streamer that mainly plays Fortnite on stream but also plays other games. I love dogs especially my best friend Coco.

Azzavhar TwitchMag


Hello my name is Azzavhar. Do you like epic battles between good and evil? Because that’s what we do here! Choose your allegiance! The Video Game Warriors or The Dark Legion! I’ve been playing video games for as long as ever.

CurvyCheeks TwitchMag


I am a variety streamer. I am a Lupus Fighter, and I have a personal Relationship with Jesus. In case you were wondering why I got into streaming is because I love meeting new people and connecting with people through my love for gaming cannot get any better than that!

MisssCraven TwitchMag


Confused gamer girl streamer here. I love playing FPS games. I’m playing COD: Warzone, it’s tons of fun. I hope people stop by stream and hang out. Come and join me !

TheOnlyReggiie TwitchMag


Hello guys, I’m a twitch variety streamer and Competitive Call of Duty player. I love to have fun and I have a passion for competitive games. Sometimes you will see me stream with my duos partner @xwint

xwreckshop TwitchMag


Hello there guys and gals. I’m here to bring us together as a family to cure each others issues in daily life with natural video game love. I want to remind everyone why we love gaming in the first place.

TexicanOlive TwitchMag


My names Ryan and I’m 28 years old. I’ve worked in everything from food to construction but never gave up my love for gaming and entertaining. Proud husband and father of 2 amazing boys. You may see/hear them during live streams.

djjoseph512 TwitchMag


I’m a Video Gamer on Twitch, I play a different variety of games. I stream: GTA V, MineCraft, The Crew 2, Rocket League and etc.
ScardyGinge TwitchMag


My name is Shannon. I have always had a love for gaming, in fact the very first game I remember playing is Rayman! I love to stream, and I love to share my love for it! I am a redhead, and quite feisty as we usually are.

IamKAHKAH TwitchMag


Currently 21 years of age. I am a safety manager, for a construction company, then i stream to share all my fun moments with everyone! Been gaming since day 1, and dont plan on stopping anytime soon


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