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Top 10 Most Popular Female Streamers on Twitch

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This is what you fans have all been waiting for… the question always arises: “Who are the most popular female streamers on Twitch and how did they become so popular?”. We at TwitchMag have utilized a combination of recent page views and followers on Twitch to derive our top 10 most popular list. Here we will talk about how they became the titans of Twitch streaming and why all their viewers revere them. We are going to break it down and talk briefly about their gaming careers, viewer interaction, personality on stream, appearance, and overall impression. Let’s get right to it!

OMGitsfirefoxx aka Sonja blasted onto the streaming scene about a year ago, but she has already assembled a large following in the Twitch community. There is always something happening on her stream and there never seems to be a moment where Sonja is not either narrating or chatting with her viewers. She enjoys playing a variety of different games and keeping things exciting as she streams. Even though the crazy cat-loving Canadian is one of the newer streamers on the Top 10 list, she is certainly here to stay.

DizzyKitten, who is the most recent streamer to join Twitch on the top 10 list, has already accomplished many remarkable feats. She was able to break the 100K+ follower mark, gain over 50 thousand followers within two months and have an average daily pageview of over 10K. Her go-to streaming game is currently Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and even though she’s not the best CS:GO player in the world, there is a certain appeal she has that makes her stream a pleasant place to hang out. One of the perks from watching and supporting her stream is that she hands out giveaways every day. She also occasionally does Q&A sessions and cosplay for her fans and viewers.

BehkuhTV is a Korean sweetheart; natural and very animated on her stream. She genuinely cares for her viewers and is able to make light of situations. Her fans seem to really love her as well. She enjoys playing various games, singing, and watching videos with her viewers. In the duration of League of Legends server problems, we were able to witness first-hand the connection she shares with her fans. She spent over an hour just chatting, getting to know her supporters, and made the best out of her gaming down-time.

Dinglederper started streaming on Twitch more than 2 years ago. She enjoys kicking off her usual stream by playing some League Of Legends, but always expect more from this streamer because she likes to spoil her viewers with other entertaining activities such as doing funny dances, and dressing silly cosplays. Dinglederper aka Tory is an undeniably captivating lady due to her charming personality and ability to connect and have fun with her viewers. Her charisma continues to attract new viewers, allowing her to make it on TwitchMags’s Top 10 List.

Her name is pretty much self-explanatory.. Warning: Do Not Mess With This Rager! Just kidding, she is actually the exact contrary to her name, in fact, I find Miss_Rage to be very nice and outgoing. Miss_Rage is gifted at keeping her stream interesting and pleasurable to watch. Every so often, she would cosplay and/or provide giveaways on her stream. It might also be her charming personality or the ridiculous amount of tattoos on her body that’s making the viewers flock in to see what she’s all about. But one thing is for sure, she’s definitely doing something right!

KneeColeslaw has been playing League of Legends since Season 1 and started streaming since the beginning of 2013. The first thing I noticed about her is that she genuinely enjoys responding to her viewers no matter how vulgar or blunt the questions are. In fact, she tends to reply with answers that are equally as humorous as the questions. It was immediately obvious to me that she loves to chat and have fun with her viewers. In addition, KneeColeslaw is quite creative with her streams; she could be gaming, drawing random people’s faces, doing funky dances or duo-ing with other streamers… you name it! Not to mention that she’s also a gorgeous lady. As of late, she’s been able to gain a ton of viewers and followers and make it to our Top 10 Most Popular Female Streamers’ list. Definitely well deserved!

As I’m writing this article, Kitty, who hails from British Columbia, Canada, has been streaming for over 12 hours. She’s losing her voice from all the talking she’s been doing, but she is STILL pwning noobs in CS:GO with LegendaryLea and resolutely answering her viewers’ questions. That is all evidence of a streamer who loves what she does and is extremely passionate in entertaining and interacting with her fans. She’s also super friendly and amazingly beautiful, so go ahead and check her out, and find out why she made it to TwitchMag’s Top 10 Most Popular Female Streamers’ List.

The master entertainer. She started streaming on and off for the past year casually until a few months ago where she began streaming full-time. Her popularity all started from a few videos that were posted on YouTube and Reddit, and from there she blew up! Kaceytron’s stream is usually one of the top of the League of Legends list on whenever she goes live. Although the Twitch’s chat box is very obnoxious, her stream is very amusing to those that can take a joke. Having over 200,000 followers on Twitch, there certainly are things that streamers can learn from her.

As I’m trying to gather more information on LegendaryLea aka Lea, she is currently in the process of a 24 hour stream session. That is when you know Lea is a dedicated and passionate streamer; always trying to entertain her viewers by providing a quality, friendly and fun experience. The game she mostly plays on stream is Hearthstone and sometimes CS: GO. She is very outspoken, flamboyant and interactive with her viewers. Not only that, she’s a 5”10 and ¾, model-like beauty with majors in Physiology and Neuroscience. It’s no surprise why she has such an amazing following and continues to be one the most popular streamer on Twitch.TV.

One of the most popular streamer ever. Most gamers that have played WoW, LoL, or Hearthstone competitively know who this lovely streamer is. She was a pro resto-druid on an MLG team for arenas in WoW, played LoL since season 1 while consistently maintained diamond in season 2 and 3, and is currently a pro hearthstone player for Cloud9. She receives the most page views a month in comparison to all other female streamers. One of the many factors for her success includes her dedication to streaming 60 to 80 hours a week and creating a great and fun experience for her fans.

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