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Twitch Launches Online Merchandise Store on Amazon

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Twitch, the Amazon-owned streaming platform, has launched its own online merchandise store. It currently offers a range of apparel and houseware—mostly adorned with Twitch’s own branding, but with the promise of “community-inspired apparel” down the line.

  • “Our community is devoted to Twitch and has been vocal about wanting to show off their love for the brand,” said Twitch’s director of private label licensing, Jennifer Dabnor. “Giving our community access to items like our coveted purple Twitch shirts and expanding into women’s fits and kids options allows us to embrace the broader Twitch community.”

Amazon’s ability to integrate Twitch’s merchandise into the digital retailer’s massive platform grows upon previous initiatives like Twitch Prime. This gave Amazon Prime subscribers in-game and ad-free streaming, along with a free Twitch channel subscription once a month. Twitch Prime was hailed as a “major boon” for the platform’s enterprise streamers, as it lets users give to their favorite streamers without having to pay additional fees on top of their Amazon Prime subscription.

Certainly, this new Twitch merchandise store is a way to bring in more revenue. More importantly, however, are the further inroads into creating dedicated users and customers that see Twitch not just as a place to watch others play games, but as a community site that keeps adding more and more integrations to other activities they perform online. There’s a certain logic for Amazon to continue enmeshing Twitch into the retailer’s online store, and it seems to be working.

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